Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh, it's working all right...

One word to describe Flovent: amazing. i cannot begin to explain how well it is working. its almost like i dont have asthma anymore! its crazy. i ended up setting an alarm on my phone to take it twice a day because i kept forgetting. but even when i only take it once a day, it as been wonderful. since i started taking flovent, i have only had to use my other inhaler twice during practice. TWICE! how crazy is that? that is insane compared to how much i usually had to use it. i havent been taken out of a game once because of my breathing! i am a very fast person. i am. but because of my breathing, i wasnt as fast as some people. because of it, i was an average runner, and i couldnt push myself like used to. i started taking flovent and the i got back up with the faster people. the practice before christmas break, i was the first in almost every running part. (because a big part of our practice is all running)

BTW, just to let you in, our team is 6-0 right now! undefeated!!!! whoo hooooo!!!


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