Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh, it's working all right...

One word to describe Flovent: amazing. i cannot begin to explain how well it is working. its almost like i dont have asthma anymore! its crazy. i ended up setting an alarm on my phone to take it twice a day because i kept forgetting. but even when i only take it once a day, it as been wonderful. since i started taking flovent, i have only had to use my other inhaler twice during practice. TWICE! how crazy is that? that is insane compared to how much i usually had to use it. i havent been taken out of a game once because of my breathing! i am a very fast person. i am. but because of my breathing, i wasnt as fast as some people. because of it, i was an average runner, and i couldnt push myself like used to. i started taking flovent and the i got back up with the faster people. the practice before christmas break, i was the first in almost every running part. (because a big part of our practice is all running)

BTW, just to let you in, our team is 6-0 right now! undefeated!!!! whoo hooooo!!!


Sunday, October 25, 2009


well, like ive said, basketball season has started, and that means conditioning. i totally forgot how bad my asthma is from basketball. so after i came home from the third or fourth conditioning practices, i told my mom i was have some MAJOR problems breathing. so she called in to my doctor. she told me to continue using the inhaler i already had when i needed it, and then she was going to perscribe me a new one i can use also. it is called "Flowvent".it is a steroid (LEGAL!) to open up my air ways that i am supposed to take two puffs, twice a day. i dont really know how well its working yet because i have had basketball since i started using it. and i have only been using it once a day :) i keep forgetting. shows how well i use it. haha,anyways, ill post how well its working later...if i actually use it twice a day :)

Fall Sports to Winter Sports

ok, as you all know, the fall sports season is ending and the winter sports season is just beginning. i have just finished up with my fal sports, volleyball. it was a BLAST! i cant tell you how much fun it was! and it is great when you play the whole game, i just really dont want it to end. but now basketball is starting and im not too excited. dont get me wrong, i love basketball, but sometimes it makes me a little emo. reason uno, ive never been a great bball player, but i can say im pretty good at defense, and that why i play. reason B, basketball is the only sport i ever have problems breathing with. ugh! and reason 3, it costs $171 this year! last year the only thing we had to pay for was uniforms and a shooting shirt. thats it. this year we are paying for uniforms, travel suits, stretch bands, two tshirts,sweatshirts, and money for pizza and things like that. the most expensive things are the travel suits, they are really really nice though. purple and black and white jackets and black Nike swishy pants. (yes, i call them swishy pants) with our names embroided in both i believe. but they are$90. but whatever works.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Why do I bother??

Im startin' to think to myself ,"Why do I bother with sports in my condition? Really?" I haven't quite answered myself yet, but I'm still thinking I went to the Doc's office recently and she explained to me that I have yet another disease that just so happens to be in both my knees. (joy, isn't it?) I'm....not really quite sure yet what this is, but it is above my knee caps rather than below like Os-Good Schlatter. I'll post when I figure it out. UGH! I mean, seriously, wouldn't you being thinking the same thing? The other night at gymnastics, I was taking a break because everything hurt. I got home and told my mom that it hurts to do anything, in not just the knees, but ankles and elbows and wrists and shoulders and even back. And she asked me, "Do you want to quit?" Her question really shocked me. Or maybe it didn't. Honestly, I was asking myself the same question, it just surprised me that she actually said it. Like my first question, it has remained unanswered and don't know when or if it will be answered.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Athletic Induced Asthma

so i have Athletic (or Exercise) Induced Asthma. it really is as horrible as it sounds. whenever i workout. exercise, run, do sports, i cant breathe...hardly. i figured out that i had astma last year in basketball season, my first year of basketball. running up and down the court as fast as i could didnt help much....anyways, i went to a doctor cuz i wasnt able to breathe while playing basketball and she diagnosed me with athletic induced asthma. she perscribed me an inhaler and i used it CONSTANTLY during basketball. and it really stinks cuz when i start breathing hard, my cach sees me and is like "sub for Gina!" because he thinks i need my inhaler! (even though i do but...) it happens all the time and it stinks. im not allowed to run cross country this year because of my asthma. >:-( that and my knees are bad so it wouldnt have been very good. :( but i just push myself as hard as i can and if (when) i need my inhaler, i just use it.....and hope i dont have an asthma attack.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Os-Good Schlatter Disease

Okay, i am going to guess you have no idea what Os-Good Schlatter Disease is (or know how to pronounce it!) It is simply calcium build up under the knee cap which occurs when your bones grow faster than your muscles. You can see a big 'ole bump right under your knee cap if you have it. It happens very often in young athletes, though nonathletic people can have it and not realize it because they don't push it. Not only does it hurt when running or being engaged in a rough sport, but it is very tender to the touch. It doesn't hurt nearly as much when the knee is bent and then touched. It hurts the most if the knee is straightened and the bump is touched. It actually feels like a part of your bone because it is so hard but really it isn't. It is possible to have it in both knees, but in my case i only have it in my left knee. Having Os-Good Schaltter Disease on top of having weak knees in the first place, it isn't too pleasant. If you have this disease, don't let it get rid of your sports business (even though the Doc recommends it.) Obviously, it isn't contagious so no worries on "catching" it! It is known to be grown out of as age grows on it athletes. You won't have it forever!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Hello, first off let me introduce myself. My name is Gina and sports are my life! Sports are what keeps me going. I play softball, volleyball, basketball, i swim, im a gymnast and a dancer. I do gymnastics and dance all year round but the other sports i only do during their seasons. I take all my sports seriously even though they get pretty rough sometimes. I have it hard with sports because i have Os-good Schlatter disease and i have Athletic Enduced Asthma. Both of these conditions are to be taken under consideration when thinking about doing sports. And both of these conditions can be caused by sports. Though i am a very young athlete so i am hoping and praying that i will grow out of them both. I also have very weak joints, my wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles all are very weak and it is hard to do the more rough sports when you can hyperextend any of those joints. But, I do not let any of those multiple things get in my way of being and athlete, i love sports and no disease or asthma or weak body parts will change that!